Saturday, 10 November 2012

Best of "Eureka Moments"

The tendency to accumulate material possessions is detrimental to personal happiness.

Poverty is the biggest handicap one faces in achievement of a meaningful existence. When sufficient level of economic securiy has been achieved, life can be enriched further by engaging in spiritual activities (literarture, music,arts etc). Such pursuits would become difficult if socio-political sphere is hindered by social restrictions and excessive governance. (Refer:

I have tried to prioritize various aspects affecting the law and order in the society. Let me explain this with an example. To regulate traffic we must have effective traffic police and efficient courts to try and punish offenders quickly. But more than that we must have legal provisions to prescribe appropriate deterrence, provisions to empower police and provisions laying down efficient procedure to facilitate expeditious disposal of cases. However, traffic violations can be minimized if we could do better traffic planning and design efficient traffic management systems. But all this will not be effective unless the public values traffic discipline as a norm because if everyone starts violating the law, no enforcement system will stand.

Challenges that we face from time to time are blessings in disguise as they help us grow spiritually.

Whereas the present day political discourse is beset with the entitlement mentality, ideally, we can claim only one right from the government: the right to freedom, freedom of every kind including freedom of speech, thought, belief etc.

Only a free man can grow. Freedom means economic security and ability to pursue spiritual activities without any hindrance.

Unfortunately the politicians do not know anything other than competitive populism.

Equality is impossible and over-emphasis on equality retards growth. Socialistic policies seeking equality are prescription for disaster. Why? Read:

Most of the time, political parties ore more concerned about winning elections and not inclined to take difficult decisions which may be necessary for a long-term benefit of the country.

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